Integrating Impact in the Financial Statements

We are a Green FinTech currently developing the prototype of a platform for integrating Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors into the financial statements of proposals, projects and portfolios.

We provide four levels of integration

Arranged according to their impact into the financial return of projects and portfolios


Providing data on ESG performance for clients, investors and development partners to make informed decisions.


Derisking by calibrating the projected financial statements based on the past observed impact of ESG factors.


Rewarding good ESG performance by increasing the financial return in blended finance operations.


Levying the financial return in proportion to the ESG performance.

Our solutions can achieve ten different objectives

in the following three types of interactions


Providing grants, rebates, blended finance and concessional funding.


Channeling private sector finance in debt and equity.


Making available finance dependent on ESG performance.

The platform is designed with the following stakeholders in mind

Stakeholders with an account

They use the platform to interact and coordinate efforts seeking for a positive impact and a sufficient financial return.

Our awesome features
Stakeholders without account

The platform considers the impact that proposals, projects and portfolios have on them, but they do not need an account because those impacts are made public and can be accessed by anyone.

Our awesome features